Book data management

[does this nomenclature make sense - data upload (bookseller sends data to the server), data transfer (data processed and sent to our database), data indexing   ???]

        Bookseller upload interface

        Field mapper - for now "Other" format can be processed off-line

        Data transfer

        Data  indexing

        Data search

        Data display

        Purge files

        AddAll data export file

        Google pages

        Wants match

E-mail formats (login ID and password added to appropriate e-mails)

Bookseller details management

        Bookseller admin interface

        Migration of dealer details from bibliophile-old

        Jailed FTP upload path

Club system

Single bookseller custom pages

Image management

Web design - public zone

Web design - user zone

        - concept for the Superadmin main menu - the idea is to display as much as the nav as possible

        - concept for Club menu - I guess that Club Admin would be very similar except that Superadmin may hide some of these options from Admin

Translations - Jack is doing these



        - Bookseller statistics - page layout and required stats

        - Club statistics - page layout and required stats

Domain names, redirects, e-mail addresses (POP accounts and aliases)

Link to Secure card system