Test AddAll - he picks up a zipped file of data from our server
Test Bookrouter upload service - provide them with FTP paths
Test Fillz upload service - provide them with FTP paths
Test Booktrakker upload software - provide dealers with FTP paths
Test Bookfinder4u - they query our system

Establish a backup on a different server.

Prepare code for custom search pages for those dealers who currently use custom search and send the code to them:
arundel, arundel1, vashon, cathach, babbitts, trotter, primemer, booksdo etc
Prepare code for active multi-dealer clubs: IAMA
Contact Fussell about his interface

Insert Hitbox stats code into the top pages of the new system.
Setup the AW Stats system on biblioserv3 for

E-mail all dealer account holders telling that migration will begin on Day 1 and telling them to look at the "What's new" page.


Day 1

Disable AddAll on bibliophile-old
Disable bibliophile-old indexing
Disable bibliophile-old "register new bookseller" page
Put a notice on upload pages telling them to go to the "what's new" page.

Make Bibliophile-new accessible under the domain name
Disable wants watch on bibliophile-new - stays disabled for 35 days.

Transfer all dealer details and all buyer details plus their wants to bibliophile-new
Set all dealers to "on vacation" so that they are not listed in the dealer locator
Set all dealers to data format "Other" so that we can check their format before processing


Day 2

E-mail all the dealers telling them to:
- log in within 30 days
- upload full stock lists
- move their city from the street address field to the city field
- move their postal code to the zip code field
- disable "On vacation"
- upload their images to ImageServ, if they subscribe to it, optimise them and link them


Day 3

Enable AddAll
E-mail all registered buyers telling them to up-date their details and wants lists within 30 days, and to delete duplicate accounts.


Day X - about Day 5-6 or when we list 500,000 books

Redirect to bibliophile-new English top page
Redirect to the Italian top page
Redirect to the French top page
Redirect to the German top page


Day 35

Delete all registered buyer accounts with no login during the past 35 days
Activate wants watch


Day 60

Delete all dealer accounts that show no log in during the past 60 days.