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required fields

product - the product name Books

title - book title

author - book author

price - book price, for instance, 39.95

currency - price currency, USD/EUR/GBP are our preference

dealer - book dealer my shop

url - the link to the book

description - the book description


optional fields

location - the country of the book dealer USA, Los Angeles

isbn - the isbn code 192899458x

cover - paperback / hardcover / ...

publisher - publisher, xyz publisher / ...

signed - signed edition, yes / no / (blank=no)

first - first edition, yes / no / (blank=no)

updateDate last updated date 2003/1/1



<title>Lord of the Ring</title>

<author>J.R.R. Tolkien</author>



<dealer>my shop</dealer>


<description>... bla bla bla ...</description>

<location>USA, Los Angeles</dealer>



<publisher>xyz publisher</publisher>