NOTE - in the description I refer to drag and drop of images. We need to discuss the limitations this methodology presents (downloads or javascript, browser limitations). Maybe we have to achieve the same effects by the use of buttons.

This web site offers prints, maps and books for sale.

From the top page there will be two main links:
a) to a custom search page running on - for now we don't have to think about this.
b) to a shopping cart for the display and purchase of decorative prints - this is what we have to develop


The site should "stretch" to fit the monitor screen (like all ammonet-designed web sites) - that means using a percentages instead of pixels wherever possible to define the table sizes.

The client likes the following site for its colours and compact design - but note that this site does not stretch to fit the screen 

- look at the banners we did for - watch what happens if you drag the browser window to a smaller size. This is something we could do for all pages except the index page. Antiquarain bookseller has different banners on different pages, the present site would have just one.
- index page - if possible, I would like to use the frame in the image ad_copy_small.jpg with colour added to it - colours should be "antique" as on

Both admin and public zones need really good design - of quality as good or better than this:

Font set is always Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif


We provide a choice of image source (a database fields - editable by admin) [PAGE 1]
These sources with be a list under TOPIC and a list under ARTIST/AUTHOR

Clicking an image source shows images and/or there can be a cross reference from TOPIC to ARTIST/AUTHOR [Page 2 and Page 3]

Images can be selected and dragged to Holding Bin [Page 4]

Now we go to the "Light box" which we name (Make new light box) and configure (number of items per row, number of rows, background colour). We drag and drop images into the light box from the Holding Bin [Light Box] in order to see how they will look hanging together on a wall. We can delete items from the Holding Bin and go back and add more items to it.

Book/artist/author name, plate number and price will be displayed. Price can be in any one of three (pounds, dollars, euro) if the user has logged in and selected a currency.

Upload of images does not need to be programmed. I have a system named ImageServ for image management. This will store optimised images in a specified directory. Image name will be item stock number. The images will be in the large dimensions and the thumbnails should be created on the fly. Thumbnail maximum width and height should be editable in the Admin zone.

Data format - probably only the following fields will be needed:
1) stock number
2) author/artist
3) book
4) book ID - this is needed to link the print to the notes on the book it came from
5) plate number
6) topic
7) price (numeric, for price conversion)
8) currency

Usual shopping cart system with "recall my details" option, lost password mailer. The user can login at the start of the session or when he is ready to check out on the shopping cart path. The shopping cart will link in its final step to my secure card system.


probably the list of thumbnails displayed should not be more than 20. We would put the next 20 on a new page but with the same Holding Bin visible on all subsequent pages.
- Site admin should have access (list, search etc) to all registered users and probably it would be good to store their sales data (item and price) so that we can do some stats both for individual buyers and for the site per month, year etc.
- I think it would be good to build in a cms system that would allow admin to display news on the index page.
- provide an e-mailer to admin so that he can send an e-mail all or selected users.
- we need an input field for exchange rates for Euro, Pounds and Dollars - relative to pounds since the company is English.